Condos / Multi-Dwelling Units

Integrated smart technology that’s simple to use enhances your entire property from common areas, theater, amenity services, and residences.


Incorporating automation and smart technologies can significantly enhance the experiences of residents and guests, providing your property with a touch of luxury while improving operational efficiencies. With easy-to-control features like lighting, window treatments, music, video, and HVAC, common areas become more inviting. One button press, or automated adjustments based on time or sensor input, can intuitively modify settings in lobbies, meeting rooms, and fitness centers. Logic Integration offers an array of solutions including smart building technology, integrated building technology, lighting and climate control, energy management, audio/video, and acoustics, ideal for multi-unit dwellings. These features contribute to energy efficiency and streamline maintenance scheduling through real-time monitoring and centralized control systems.


Maximize a shared entertainment system whether the amenity is a precisely designed dedicated home theater or an exhilarating and multi-functional media room. Offer residents a private cinema space in which the environment is precisely designed & engineered to provide maximum movie and music enjoyment. Room geometry and acoustics play an important role for a true theater experience. Cozy up on plush seating is positioned specifically for the ultimate viewing experience on the big screen. Lighting is also controlled so with the press of a single button, the lights dim and the show begins. Press pause and lights dim up so you can get more popcorn and soda.


Enhance residents’ living experiences by providing access to a wide array of services at the touch of a button. Services like car valet, pool chair reservation, tennis court bookings, restaurant and club reservations, meal and grocery ordering, cleaning services, and concierge assistance can be easily requested via a user-friendly touchscreen or through their smart devices. In addition, integrating building communications such as package delivery notifications, event announcements, and maintenance updates into the same service system and user interfaces simplifies interactions and increases convenience. This level of service, reminiscent of luxury hotels, truly sets multi-dwelling units (MDUs) and developments apart, providing them with a significant competitive edge.

Creating a Captivating Living Experience

Smart home technology built into each unit of MDUs and developments provides an immersive experience that delights current residents and attracts potential buyers. Picture a system that recognizes an owner’s vehicle upon arrival and triggers a “homecoming” mode, adjusting the temperature, turning on entrance lights, and initiating a pre-selected music playlist. Within their residence, owners can manage lighting, shades, entertainment, energy, temperature, security systems, and more, all through a sleek touchscreen, smartphone, or tablet. On departure, a simple tap on the “Away” mode ensures that all lights are turned off, doors are locked, temperature is adjusted, shades are lowered to safeguard interiors, and non-essential devices are switched off. We provide a suite of solutions tailored for MDU residents that enhances comfort, convenience, and the overall ‘wow’ factor of their living experience.

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