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Convenient and time saving - an effective way to protect your property.


If you have a large home with lots of windows, and many of them large, high-up or hard to reach, motorized shades and window coverings may be the perfect solution to the amount of time you spend opening and closing your shades, blinds or curtains.

The advantage of motorized shades and window coverings are many:

Convenience and time saving - in a large home with numerous windows, opening the shades every morning and closing them at night can be a pain in the neck. With a remote controlled motorized shade system you can do it all in less than a minute with the simple touch of a button.

Property protection - the sun, particularly in a climate like Colorado has, can do a lot of damage to furniture, carpeting, wall coverings, artwork and more. Keeping shades closed during the brightest or hottest parts of the day not only keeps your home more comfortable, it preserves your fixtures and furnishings. With the convenience of motorized shades you can easily open and close your windows coverings to avoid damage to your home's interior.


Logic Integration has a team of audio, visual and automation experts who can design, install and service an automatic shade system for your home, using the highest quality brands in the business such as Lutron, Crestron and MechoSystems motorized shades. The quality of our work can be viewed on our residential project profile pages. Be sure to check out our Home Sweet Home install, the automated home in Parker, CO, the Custom Golf Club Home and Cherry Hills Remodel for examples of projects using automated shades. We invite you to read what our clients have to say about us on our Customer Testimonials page. And please visit our Clientele page to see the caliber of companies who choose Logic Integration for their automation projects.

Programmable, motorized shades are available in a variety of styles, designs and colors to complement any room in your home. To find out more about motorized shades and options for automatic window covering systems for your home, call or email Logic Integration today. 303-484-8237 / 888-725-9165


Automatic shades are very useful in large buildings with numerous windows. In small buildings, shops, restaurants, classrooms, meeting rooms or offices, manually raising or lowering a few shades is easy, but when you multiply that task for hundreds of windows, motorized shades become a significant time saver and improvement in efficiency. What would otherwise take a fair amount of time can be accomplished remotely in a couple of seconds with just the press of a button using Lutron shade control, Crestron shade control systems or MechoSystems motorized shades. Automatic shade control systems are also ideal for high windows that are hard to reach.


In buildings with significant solar gain from west facing or south facing windows, automatic shades not only make it easy to adjust the amount of heat and light coming in, but many motorized shades are programmable and can be set to close during the hottest hours of the sun, resulting in increased comfort and significant energy savings.


Programmable automatic shades are big advantage when it comes to security. Whereas building occupants or employees may not take the time to manually close all the shades in a facility, when it's a simple matter of pushing one button for all the window coverings in the area, the shades will more likely get drawn at the end of the day. Motorized shade control systems can also be programmed to open or close at certain intervals; this creates a theft deterrent by creating the impression that the building is occupied.

Programmable, motorized automatic shades are available in a variety of styles, designs and colors to complement any room or building. Logic Integration designs and installs top automatic, programmable and motorized shades, including those from Crestron, Mecho and Lutron shade control systems.

If you are interested in exploring options for motorized shades, please call the design and automation experts at Logic Integration today. 303-484-8237, 888-725-9165 or contact us via web.

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