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Video Walls

A fusion of multiple slim video displays into a large, self-contained visual experience.

Clarity Matrix Video Walls | Denver

Employing a large-scale video wall can deliver weather, news and entertainment content. Video walls can be found in conference rooms/boardrooms/meeting rooms, hotel and building lobbies, retail stores, command and control centers and broadcast control centers. With strategic design and placement, video walls can make a high-impact statement, breathe new life into a location and even stop traffic.

What Is A Video Wall and How Does It Work?

A video wall consists of multiple computer monitors or video projectors tiled together contiguously, or overlapped in order to form one large screen. Video walls essentially fuse multiple slim video displays into a large, self-contained visual experience. A video processor then takes one source or many sources and displays the source or sources across all the displays to create one large display or multiple smaller areas. Many newer models of video walls have little or no bezel, thereby creating a virtually seamless surface. The realistic simulation and impact of video walls add to their effectiveness by immersing users into any environment. Simple video walls can be driven from multi-monitor video cards, however more complex arrangements may require specialized video processors, specifically designed to manage and drive large video walls. There is also new software-centric video wall technology that uses ordinary PCs, displays and networking equipment.

Clarity Matrix LCD Video Wall

For control room video wall customers who need a nearly seamless video wall and uninterrupted 24x7 operation, the Planar Clarity™ Matrix LCD Video Wall is the ultra-thin bezel LCD video wall system that provides outstanding tiled visual performance, supports extended operation and requires minimal installation space. Logic Integration has a Clarity Matrix video wall it our showroom, stop by to see it in action! Or give us a call to talk about options and applications for a video wall of your own. 303-484-8237, 888-725-9165 or contact us now via web.