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    Sound masking.

    Reduce noise distractions and protects speech privacy.

    Smart Home Control

    Just one touch for simple, yet sophisticated control of your home


    Benefits of Sound Masking.

    Solve acoustic issues in new or retrofitted spaces without sacrificing design.

    Lighting Control

    Create the perfect ambiance and increase safety with one-touch control of your lights



    Its important to be heard without echo or delay issues.


    Its important to be heard without echo or delay issues.


How effective is sound masking?

Enhanced Privacy: In a laboratory study between 2006 and 2008, researchers found that the addition of sound masking increased speech privacy from 35% to 90%.

Enhanced Performance: Researchers found that study participants had a nearly 10% improvement in their ability to recollect a series of numbers and words after the addition of sound masking.

Enhanced Productivity: In a 2008 survey, researchers found that workers lost an average of 21.5 minutes each day to conversational distractions.

Enhanced Comfort: 48% of survey respondents reported that conversational distractions were the leading cause of workplace discomfort.

What is the privacy index? How does adding masking sound increase privacy and reduce distractions?

The Privacy Index relates to a scale that rates the inability of an unintentional listener to understand someone’s words. The higher the privacy index, the more confidential the speaker’s conversation becomes. When a conversation is clearly understood, the sound becomes a distraction and the speaker has less privacy. With the addition of Qt® sound masking, the speaker’s voice becomes less intelligible. Their voice becomes less of a distraction and their privacy increases.

Building Paging and Intercom Systems

Logic Integration provides audio, video and automation solutions to businesses nationwide. We design, engineer and install building paging and intercom systems including:

  1. Audio paging (standard intercom systems)
  2. Visual paging
  3. Delayed paging systems
  4. Emergency paging
  5. Zoned paging systems
  6. Department paging systems/li>
  7. Restaurant paging systems

Logic Integration installs small and large scale paging systems. We deliver comprehensive systems that range from small hospitals and industrial facilities to the world’s largest airports. All systems are designed to provide professional quality audio and intelligibility with CD quality performance. A large-scale system is required to support a large number of paging stations, zone outputs, and message traffic. It is important to be heard without echo issues or delays issues in large spaces or long hallways such as in an airport.




Logic Integration has installed paging and intercom systems for a number of clients including corporations such as Sprint Nextel, a number of hotels, and many others. Please click CPB Group to view a recent paging and intercom design and installation for the international advertising agency Crispin, Porter + Bogusky. For other audio and video installations, visit our Project Portfolio page.

Paging Equipment and Technology

Logic Integration uses BiAmp products for paging systems. BiAmp offers a range of sophisticated products for building optimal, network-based paging system for any environment. The BiAmp networked paging system features an LCD display and scroll wheel interface which enables users to quickly switch between pre-assigned paging groups and zones. The system is reliable and easy to use.

Paging Experts

Logic Integration has completed multiple paging and intercom systems projects for small and large users, including multi-location installations. We are also experts at integrating paging systems with background music systems, such as this Appliance World installation illustrates. Common users of paging and intercom systems include:

  1. Corporate applications
  2. Hotel and hospitality
  3. Health and fitness clubs
  4. Government and military installations
  5. Schools and other educational institutions
  6. Large retailers
  7. Doctors offices, clinics and hospitals
  8. Warehouse and manufacturing facilities

For more information on audio or visual paging, intercom systems, and paging/music combinations, please call Logic Integration today. Our design, engineering, installation, and service experts can help you determine the right paging system for your needs. We can also install and service your system as well. 303-484-8237, 888-725-9165 or contact us via web.



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