Mounts & Lifts

Enhance Your Entertainment Experience with Motorized Mounts and Lifts

Improved Accessibility

Motorized mounts offer convenient and effortless adjustments for your TVs and projectors. With the touch of a button, you can smoothly tilt, swivel, or extend your display to achieve the perfect viewing angle. Whether you want to optimize your TV positioning for different seating arrangements or adjust your projector to align perfectly with the screen, motorized mounts provide unmatched flexibility and convenience.

Seamlessly Conceal Your Display

Motorized lifts provide an elegant solution for seamlessly concealing your TV when it’s not in use. These lifts are designed to smoothly raise and lower your TV into a hidden compartment or behind furniture, preserving the aesthetics of your living space. With motorized lifts, you can transform your living room into a clutter-free environment and impress your guests with the sleek and stylish integration of your TV.

Transform Your Space

Motorized lifts for projectors offer a transformative experience, allowing you to seamlessly integrate your projector into your home or office environment. These lifts can be installed in the ceiling or hidden within a custom enclosure, enabling you to discreetly conceal your projector when it’s not in use. When you’re ready for a cinematic experience or an impactful presentation, the motorized lift smoothly lowers the projector into position, ready to deliver stunning visuals.

Versatility and Flexibility

Articulating motorized mounts provide unparalleled versatility and flexibility for both TVs and projectors. These mounts feature adjustable arms or arms with multiple pivot points, allowing you to extend, retract, tilt, and swivel your display to achieve the ideal viewing position. Whether you need to adjust the angle of your TV to reduce glare or reposition your projector for different screen sizes, articulating motorized mounts offer the freedom to customize your viewing experience.

Enhance Safety and Security

Locking motorized mounts provide an additional layer of safety and security for your valuable TVs and projectors. These mounts come equipped with locking mechanisms that securely hold your display in place once it reaches the desired position. This feature is particularly useful in environments where there may be vibrations or movements that could dislodge the display. With locking motorized mounts, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your equipment is securely mounted and protected.

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