Lighting Control

Foster a healthier you with relaxing scenes that integrate tunable lighting, motorized shades and more.

Lighting Control

Personalized lighting control lets you adjust the ambiance of any part of your home to match the event or mood. Whether you’re watching TV, enjoying a meal, or entertaining guests, a simple button press can establish the perfect environment you’re seeking. For instance, clicking ‘Goodnight’ can switch off all your lights, or ‘Pathway’ can light your route downstairs. Smart lighting control also promotes safety by integrating with the security system, illuminating all areas if unexpected activity is detected. Additionally, lighting control systems are energy-efficient. Whether you’re building new or upgrading an existing system, we can design an ideal lighting solution tailored to your needs.

Motorized Window Treatments

Motorized window treatments empower you to effortlessly control the level of daylight in your home, thereby enhancing comfort, conserving energy, and safeguarding interiors. These automated shades and drapes can convert intense glare into gentle, pleasing light, improve privacy while maintaining external views, minimize solar heat gain, provide UV protection for high-value furnishings and artwork, and even mimic nightfall for a peaceful sleep at the mere touch of a button. Hundreds of fabric and color options are available to suit any décor, offering clients and designers a plethora of choices to complement their design aesthetic.

Human-Centric Lighting

Overexposure to certain types of light—like the blue hues emanating from our smartphones—can adversely affect our melatonin levels. By emulating natural lighting in your home, you can help regulate your circadian rhythm and enhance your overall wellbeing. Implement a tunable lighting system that auto-adjusts the color temperature to mirror sunlight as it changes throughout the day. Revel in the cooler lighting in the morning to kickstart activity, then soak in the warmer tones in the evening to promote relaxation. With the incorporation of human-centric lighting into your smart home, selecting the perfect hue for any activity becomes a breeze. You can save custom scenes tailored for relaxation, concentration, or exercise into your system, and easily access them through on-wall keypads, touchpads, or mobile apps.

Artificial Sunlight

LED-driven technology lets you reap the benefits of sunlight even when you spend the majority of your time indoors. Enhance your home’s décor and boost your wellbeing by illuminating your space with powerful artificial sunlight that comes without harmful UV rays. This ultra-realistic artificial sunlight will even warm up the room and cast blue shadows on objects. Generate a restful environment with wavelengths that help maintain healthy melatonin and serotonin levels to improve your sleep and overall wellness. Dim the artificial sunlight as needed with a button press or voice command. Create the illusion of a sky above with nanoparticles that diffuse the light to recreate a blue sky.

Virtual Window

Windows give us a vital connection to the outside world, but what if your home’s design doesn’t naturally accommodate traditional windows? Bring nature into your living space with virtual windows. Incorporate distinctive views and natural landscapes, enabling you to gaze upon a picturesque mountainside or beach without leaving your home. Enhance your indoor ambiance with virtual windows that combine sound and dynamic video. High-end solutions even include advanced tracking, which alters the scene as you move across your virtual window. With smart home technology, you can rapidly switch between scenes, or program windows to automatically alter throughout the day, creating a more authentic experience. The unique artificial sun and moon features allow for a smooth transition into nighttime at day’s end.

Wellness Scenes

Boost your wellbeing with tailored smart home scenes that evoke specific moods or are suited to different areas of your home. After a hard day’s work, trigger a scene in your living room featuring warm adjustable lighting and calming soundscapes broadcast via your home audio system. In the morning, a wellness scene can simulate a sunrise using your adjustable lighting and virtual window, fine-tune your indoor temperature, and fill your home with the sounds of nature. Highlight spa-inspired scenes for relaxation, incorporating light, sound, water, and temperature. Scenes can be curated to soothe your muscles, invigorate you in the morning, or assist you in unwinding in the evening.

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