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Wagner Training Institute was created to combine all types of tactical and technical training on Wagner Equipment, together under one roof. This “One-Stop” training provides technical training (service training), computer training, staff development, and management development training to internal employees, Wagner Equipment Co. customers, and to local businesses that use their services.


Wagner Equipment requires a technology upgrade to the Grand Junction Training Rooms 1/2/3. This project involves the design and installation of audio and visual technologies to facilitate presentation and training in the rooms which can be divided or combined into 1, 2 or 3 room configurations.

The following observations were made and discussed during the discovery meeting: The current Projection system and Screens are dated, create a glare and do not perform up to standard viewing capability. The current system is not intuitive and requires a full page of instruction to operate correctly. There has been feedback and crackling on the audio system from time to time. There is no Digital Video input capability. There is a rack DVD player that never gets used.

Objective #1 The primary objective is to deliver a quality Audio and Video experience that will deliver an excellent experience for instructors and training attendees. Quality HD Video is a critical component as the room is used for both Power Point and Video training content on a daily basis.

Objective #2 The second objective is to deliver an easy to use control interface that is both intuitive and reliable. There will be a touch panel in each room, which will control system power on/off, source selection, volume up/down, and room configuration.

Objective #3 The final objective is to give digital input capability, with HDMI, VGA, and Audio input wall plates located in each room. All video sources will be able to sent to a single display, or multiple displays via a digital video matrix switch.


The Grand Junction Training Rooms are used to combine all types of tactical and technical training on Wagner Equipment, together under one roof. These rooms are combinable with 4 total configurations. The rooms will each have a large LCD display, HDMI & VGA Input, in-ceiling speakers, and on-wall touch panel. The audio and video systems will integrate with the room configuration and combine both audio and video sources depending on the layout. The equipment rack is located in room 1. The existing projectors and screens were removed by Logic Integration and delivered to the client for disposal.

Key Technologies:

  • 80” LCD HD Display located in each room
  • Wall plate located on the front wall with HDMI, VGA, and Audio
  • Three audio zones that can be combined as the room configuration is changed
  • On-wall 7” Capacitive Touch Panels located in each room
  • Equipment will be located in Room 1 closet with owner furnished equipment rack

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