Visit Denver - Visitor Info Center


The Visit Denver Visitor Information Center (VIC) will be a retail store front that welcomes visitors to Denver and provides a variety of information about the city.


Antiquated tourism center needed high-tech interfaces to bring in tourists and deliver information to new visitors as fast as possible. Entire facility was renovated and remodeled and was on a very short timeline


Install multiple display systems for delivering interactive content to new visitors and tourists to the city of Denver. Installed planar touch displays with four winds interactive digital signage. Installed multi-zone audio throughout the facility all controlled from an iPad. Installed 2 video wall systems to display HD content of multiple outlets of tourism in Denver and in Colorado. Also installed music styling’s streaming audio, tied in remote management to a equipment racks for the IT team to manage power and AV.

Key Technologies:

  • 3X3 Planar Video Wall Display
  • 2×2 Video Wall Display
  • Window Display
  • Interactive Touch Screen Display
  • Background Audio System
  • iPad Control System for Audio Control, Video Source Control, and System Power

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