Ultimate Doomsday Bunker


Logic Integration Inc. : Contract to design and install AV systems in private and public spaces throughout the world’s first-ever multifamily “Luxury Survival Condos”, built inside a nuclear-hardened missile silo.


Logic Integration’s offices look out on the front range of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, one of the sunniest and healthiest states in the nation. On most days, surrounded by nature and health, a catastrophic, world-changing phenomenon seems unthinkable to Coloradans. But one of our most interesting projects to date – the Luxury Survival Condos in Salina, Kan. – was developed on the assumption that one day (perhaps sooner rather than later) the world as we know it will end.

We joined Larry Hall’s venture to convert a 175-foot-deep, 13-story nuclear-hardened missile silo into a luxurious, technology-equipped bunker. This is the first time a nuclear-hardened missile silo has had its protective structure leveraged to create a survival complex.

The Luxury Survival Condos are built to protect against a catastrophic event while offering privacy and comfort for its residents. Our charge was to design audiovisual systems in each private residence and all public spaces to make residents feel at home.

Key Technologies:


  • Stewart Filmscreen
  • DPI 1080p LED Projector
  • Cinematech Theater Seats
  • Fully integrated multi-zone AV systems
  • Secure wired and wireless network systems
  • Samsung LED displays
  • iPad control
  • Crestron Digital Media distribution
  • Crestron intercom
  • Crestron lighting control
  • Crestron in-wall touch panels
  • LCD screen window “landscapes”


  • Full surveillance through IC Realtime
  • 2×2 Planar video wall in security room
  • Library
  • Arcade
  • Control room

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