Nex Gen came to us after researching video walls for a building they purchased in the Denver Tech Center.  The building is a one of a kind for the area and they wanted to completely renovate it as their new headquarters.


This was a complete building renovation; the client and architect wanted a very clean aesthetic look that our technology complimented. The primary wall in the lobby needed to be a statement piece that could be used for presentations and client focused content, as well as for artistic imagery.


The Nex Gen team is very technologically savvy and had done a lot of research on video walls and had chosen Planar, the leader in the video wall space. They had seen one of our other large video wall installations and were impressed with the quality and look of the install. Logic Integration provided several solutions with different pixel pitches. We strategically chose a Planar 1.2mm fine pixel pitch that gave us a stunning image even from close viewing distances. The Planar trim kit gives us a very clean look that hides all the technology. The larger lobby video wall has a unique size of and 302” diagonal with a 5K resolution.  For this area we selected a Datapath video wall processor to ingest content from a variety of sources and locations in the building. This is controlled by a Crestron control system with custom programming. The Crestron system also controls our Atlas audio system for background music and sound masking. For the “all–hands” area we filled the available wall with a 206” Diagonal,  4K 1.2mm pitch product with content managed by a Visix video wall/signage solution. This gives the end user the ability to provide stunning content as well as messaging and cable TV. In the board room we needed to be able to compliment the room and disappear when not in use. The solution here is a motorized screen with a Sony laser projection system resting on a lift which conceals itself in the ceiling while not in use. We utilized a custom programmed Crestron control system for this room.

Key Technologies:

  • Biamp Desono C-IC6 White In-Ceiling, Indoor 6.5″ Coaxial Loudspeakers
  • SONY VPL-PHZ60 Sony VPL-PHZ60 – 3LCD projector – 6500 lumens
  • Yealink UVC84 4K, 12x optical USB PTZ camera
  • Yealink WPP20 video conferencing high-quality wireless content sharing pod
  • Atlas C-ZS-US Atmosphere Zone, Source, and Volume Wall Controller
  • Planar 12×8 MGP 1.2mm 12×8 MGP 1.2mm, 23.8′ x8.9′ (Video Wall)
  • Planar 8×8 MGP 1.2mm 8×8 MGP 1.2mm, 217″ Diagonal (Video Wall)
  • VX-S-CPNS-H Visix – Hardware – Media Player with 6 Outputs
  • VX-S-CPC-H Visix – Hardware – AxisTV Element 4K Media Player
  • Crestron RMC4 4-Series Room Media Controller
  • DATAPATH VideoWall Custom Quote 4slot frame, 4 ch. HDMI Graphics card, 4 Ch. HDMI Capture card, Graphics card


This was truly a fun project to design with the client. Our team did a great job executing the project in concert with the architect, GC and other trades.  It is a truly unique space that is both stunning and functional.

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