Left Hand Brewing


Left Hand Brewing, a prominent brewery, engaged Logic Integration (Logic) to provide state-of-the-art audio, video, control, surveillance, and structured wiring services for its new RiNo location. The objective of the project was to create a technologically advanced and comfortable ambiance for patrons that adhered to specific aesthetic and functional requirements. Logic’s role encompassed addressing the challenges of providing high-quality audio throughout the facility, basic video solutions, centralized controls, and an effective surveillance system. The project demanded close collaboration with the client’s IT Team for successful deployment, with Logic integrating various key technologies to meet the client’s requirements.


The project presented several challenges due to the complexity of the integration and the high standards set by Left Hand Brewing. Quality audio throughout the facility while maintaining the specific acoustic design requirements was one of the primary challenges. The client’s request for a basic video solution that didn’t give off a “sports bar” feel was another key challenge. The project also needed to ensure ease of control and centralized solutions for different rooms and systems within the facility. Additionally, setting up an effective surveillance solution accessible remotely was a critical safety requirement.


To meet the client’s needs, Logic provided a centrally distributed audio system based on the Q-SYS audio platform with separate selectable audio sources, controlled via the Crestron control system. The video solution included stand-alone displays mounted to the walls with sources running directly to them. This approach ensured that the audio-visual experience didn’t dominate the ambiance of the facility. For surveillance, Logic installed a system with 14 cameras in pre-approved locations to ensure comprehensive coverage of the entire space. Close collaboration with the client’s IT team ensured smooth deployment, accurate infrastructure, and adherence to all network requirements.

Key Technologies:

Several key technologies were implemented to meet the specific requirements of Left Hand Brewing. For audio, Logic relied on the Q-SYS audio platform and Crestron control system for quality output and ease of control. To avoid a “sports bar” feel, stand-alone video solutions were implemented using 55″ consumer-grade displays mounted on the walls. The surveillance solution involved high-resolution turret-style and fisheye-style cameras connected to a 16-channel VR for recording. All the systems were interconnected through low voltage cabling for seamless communication and control. Moreover, the systems were networked to allow remote accessibility and ease of content management.


The successful completion of the project resulted in a technologically advanced yet aesthetically pleasing brewery environment. The high-quality audio system offered an immersive experience for patrons while keeping within the acoustic design requirements. The video solution was effectively deployed without overpowering the overall ambiance of the brewery. The surveillance system provided comprehensive coverage, ensuring safety and security throughout the facility. The robust and centralized control systems facilitated ease of operation, and the ability to access systems remotely offered a degree of convenience. Overall, Logic Integration was able to successfully meet the challenges and deliver a solution that matched Left Hand Brewing’s vision for their new RiNo location.

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