Ground Floor Media


GroundFloor Media, a Denver-based award-winning marketing & PR firm, partnered with Logic Integration to provide technology & collaboration solutions for their office after undergoing a substantial renovation to their building. Along with a large in-house staff, the company works with many subcontractors and staff in the field. They needed an effective way to communicate and collaborate with their in-house staff as well as their field contractors.


GroundFloor Media is a company that has built its foundation, and has won numerous awards, on culture. Featuring an open office plan to encourage collaboration, while providing private spaces for associates when needed, was a challenge in and of itself. The technology systems needed to not only blend into the design of the building but enhance and compliment the collaborative environment.


Logic Integration provided a Crestron Mercury solution for their conference spaces to allow for any web-based video conferencing platform to work within the rooms. The main conference room also allows for a video feed from a video production studio on the other side of the office to display for client presentations. These solutions enabled GroundFloor Media to collaborate and communicate both internally and externally while keeping the operation of the rooms simple for their staff. An open stadium-style area was built for larger presentations. Logic Integration installed two large displays for maximum presentation impact. Phone booth rooms were built along the back side of the office for those moments when private conversations need to happen. In order to help the staff schedule the rooms efficiently, Logic Integration provided Crestron TSS-series room scheduling panels that tie into the Office365 platform that GroundFloor Media operates on. Phone call sessions can be scheduled either through Outlook directly or directly from the touch panel outside of the room.

Key Technologies:

  • Crestron Mercury
  • Crestron AirMedia
  • Crestron Room Scheduling
  • Crestron Room Scheduling
  • Crestron DM Lite
  • Sony Displays

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