Gemini Medical


Gemini Mountain Medical, a medical device distributor, built a beautiful new 23,000 square foot facility in Englewood Colorado in the Inverness Business Park. The facility is used to educate and entertain physicians, and as the primary office and warehouse for distribution into several western states.

Their vision was for a state-of-the-art audio and video system that could perform a variety of functions controlled by a single control platform. The large training room and lab are equipped with the Crestron NVX Ecosystem which allows Gemini to send the content from one room to any display connected to the NVX network. This allows, for example, medical procedures to be performed in the lab and for the entire procedure to be seen in the training room or any other room with a screen connected to the NVX Ecosystem, thus allowing for more interactive and immersive trainings and demonstrations of the medical devices.

There are also two large conference rooms and eight huddle spaces used for everything from sharing content to conducting video calls. Installed throughout are 4K displays that act as digital messaging boards and can be set to display different messages depending on the day or time of day. The Sonos driven sound system is one of the gems of the project including a zone on the patio used for entertaining with enough power to simulate a concert.


The rooms have high ceilings and exposed steel rafters so creating a sound system that could fill the space with high quality audio was the first challenge. The training room has a 16’ high ceiling so the ceiling microphones would need to be sensitive enough to pick up peoples voices while seated but not any background noise to distract the listener. As with any complex system the user interface needed to be intuitive and easy to learn.


Logic Integration was able to overcome the building challenges by providing integrated solutions that fit the space. We were able to get into the space during the early construction process and were able to pull wire in now inaccessible locations, and set up the backbone to our systems prior to the walls going in. Our goal was to install seamless, easy to use, and wire free systems that anyone could use. We were able to accomplish this by installing ceiling microphones and speakers, a control system with iPad control, and wireless connectivity from laptops, tablets, and phones. We also installed wired connections at the table, wall plate, and podium locations.

Key Technologies:

  • Crestron NVX Ecosystem
  • Crestron DMPS Video Switcher and Controller
  • Crestron Mercury Tabletop UC System
  • BiAmp Parle Ceiling Microphones
  • BiAmpTesirraForte AVB DSP
  • QSC Pendant Speakers
  • QSC Weatherproof Outdoor Speakers
  • Sony Displays
  • Marshall PTZ Cameras
  • Chief LTM1U Mounts
  • Sonos Players
  • Apple TV’s

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