Edge Church


Aurora, CO The grand opening for Edge Church was in 2009. Over the past several years the church’s membership has expanded to include multiple services with several hundreds of attendees.


Great music is a significant part of the worship service for Edge Church, but the interior design finishes posed a few challenges. The concrete floors, high ceilings and hard finished walls created significant audio reverberation issues. In addition, the church wanted the ability to distribute video to a large presentation screen in the sanctuary and share the video with the overflow rooms and additional space throughout the church.


Logic Integration developed an acoustic treatment design to absorb the audio reflected off of the hard surfaces of the room. Additionally, the company provided a 198″ Draper projection screen and 7,000 lumen DPI projector for the sanctuary presentations. A video routing and distribution network controlled via a Crestron touch panel and processor was integrated to give Edge Church the ability to share the Sanctuary presentations and camera feed to the additional rooms.

Key Technologies:

198″ Draper projection screen

7,000 lumen DPI projector

Crestron touch panel

Crestron processor


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