Douglas County Traffic Management Center


The purpose of the Traffic Management Center is to provide control and communication with the traffic signals and other traffic devices located along the County roadway network. Through the visual confirmation of problems using the traffic surveillance camera images, Douglas County traffic management staff can plan what equipment to bring to the location where problems have been identified. Additionally, using remote communications and capabilities, maintenance staff can diagnose, and sometimes repair problems without leaving the office. All this works toward Douglas County’s goal to provide excellent service to the public.


The room required a large video wall to support IP video feeds from long-range field pan-tilt-zoom cameras and various servers and systems. The room required seating for two operators and it needed to receive video feeds from various county servers and PCs as well as audio and video from DirecTV and IPTV for traffic and weather reporting. System reliability was a requirement, as was the ability for 24×7 365 operations. The system had to be installed and completed in time for the holiday shopping season, which required a fast-track approach for the Logic Integration team. The system included a very large video wall and switching for multiple inputs. The system also required expansion capabilities for future requirements. The TMC staff also needed to control all audio, video, and lighting from a control touch panel that was located at the control desk


Logic Integration designed and installed a Planar Clarity Matrix Video Wall system with fifteen 46” HD 1080P displays. Cabling was installed to the displays from Planar processors and power supplies which were located in the server room to reduce heat and noise in the control room. To handle the complex video switching and processing, Logic Integration turned to RGB Spectrum, who recommended an RGB Spectrum Galileo Processor and Switcher and Galileo Client Software was installed. This IP-enabled video wall processor supports H.264 IP and decodes full motion video. Logic Integration also installed and programmed a Crestron lighting control system that was managed by the Crestron 7” touchpanel- providing control of all the lighting, audio, and system sources.

Key Technologies:

Clarity Matrix LCD Video Wall System 5 x 3 MX46HDS 1080P Panels Galileo Processor/Switcher – Designed for 10 PC/Server/Source inputs and 15 outputs for the video wall. System has the capacity for up to 56 Inputs withadditional cards and configurations. The Galileo system supports a full range of input and output types (IP, analog, DVI/HDMI, 3G/HD-SDI) with resolutions up to 3840×2160 (4K) Crestron Control TSW-750-B touch panel and Crestron lighting control.

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