Comcast Viper Center


Comcast’s Viper office located in lower downtown Denver needed an upgrade. Comcast wanted to create a wow factor when you entered their research and development facility. We chose to install a 4 X 3 video by the front entrance for visitors to watch TV and see digital signage. The video wall also had a built-in wireless presentation solution, allowing for computer content to be displayed for meetings. In addition to the video wall, there was an open office space that featured 12 “neighborhoods”. Each neighborhood consisted of a display that received content from television and computer sources and has built in wireless presentation capabilities.


Comcast wanted a clean look for the video wall. A custom soffit was needed to create a flush surface. The video wall served 2 purposes, one to provide for entertainment and information for passersby, but second for presentations. The neighborhoods provided a unique challenge, as they wanted the displays to switch inputs automatically, once a user logged into the wireless presenter.


Once the construction was complete, we were able to install the video wall and send content from the IT closet down the hall. We installed a wireless iPad so people could interact with the wall, and change content. The iPad provided an easy to use controller that anyone could use. For the 12 neighborhoods,our engineering team created a trigger in the programming scheme to allow for automatic switching. The end user does not need to push a button or use a remote to do the switching. Once the user logged out, the display goes back to displaying content from the rack PC’s.

Key Technologies:

  • Planar LX55HDU-L 55” thin bezel video wall displays
  • Crestron CP3 3-Series Control System
  • Crestron DM-MD16X16 Digital Media Switcher
  • Extron MPS 409 Multi-format Media Presentation Switcher
  • Five Motion FM1 Digital signage player
  • QSC AC-C6T Ceiling speakers
  • Crestron AM-101 AirMedia Presentation Gatway
  • Chief LCM1U Fusion Large Flat Panel Ceiling Mount
  • Sony XBR-65X805E Bravia LED Smart TV

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