Colorado Springs Custom Home

Luxury Meets Intuitive Home Technology in Colorado Springs!

“Crestron Home provides our clients with a simple and easy-to-use system that can control just about everything on the fly.”
– Shawn Hansson, CEO and Founder, Logic Integration


Located in Colorado Springs, this new 10,000 square-foot custom build is an entertaining paradise. Complete with a home theater, personal gym, and fieldhouse with a large outdoor entertainment area, the modern home and custom technology create an inviting experience for daily activities and large parties alike.


The homeowners had a vision for the design and function of their new home, so it was important that the integrated technology had a clean and contemporary appearance. They wanted one centralized AV and control system that would tie together lighting, shading, security, and more for fast and easy control.


With the help of Logic Integration, the homeowner is now able to enjoy a state-of-the-art Crestron Home™ system that is both user friendly and scalable for any future plans that might expand the technology experience. As a project that faced deployment amidst the pandemic, Logic Integration was able to use Crestron Home to remotely navigate their way through parts of the integration.

Key Technologies:

  • Crestron Home provided a single platform that unites all aspects of control into one user interface. The Crestron Home app on the homeowners’ phones or iPad allows them to set scenes for daily routines or quickly set up any area in their home for entertainment. With more than 50 Horizon Keypads scattered throughout the property, seamless control is never more than one button press away.
  • Crestron DM NVX® AV-over-IP technology allows the homeowners to distribute different audio and video sources to different zones throughout the house. With a premiere audio and video routing experience, DM NVX takes the home theater to the next level for watching movies or the big game. While entertaining, the homeowners are able to distribute audio to any one of their 22 audio zones both inside and outside of the house for all guests to hear.
  • “Crestron DM NVX makes it easy for the homeowners to entertain by uniting different zones, like their home theater and their outdoor patio for guests to enjoy wherever they may be.” – Kai Jordeth, Account Manager, Logic Integration
  • There are a few entertainment and recreational spaces throughout the house that feature unique technology experiences for the family and guests. The outdoor patio includes a hot tub and barbeque area with a clean landscaped design that includes speakers throughout. The home theater has its own preset media scenes programmed to turn down lighting and close the shades for viewing. The property also features a home gym with high-end equipment where the homeowners can control the audio and lighting through Crestron touch screens to maximize any workout.
  • “Creating and controlling the lighting scenes have been favorite functions for the homeowners. With over 50 keypads, control them directly from the touch screen rather than manually walking around the whole house makes a big difference.” – Nick Kleinkopf, Lead Technician, Logic Integration
  • With third party integration from Crestron Home, Logic Integration was able to tie in security cameras with the rest of their home system. Crestron Home manages all of the lighting along with 44 shades that vary in length and size to tailor the ambiance for each room. During the installation, the homeowner was able to customize their experience and select how they wanted to customize each lighting scene.


Crestron allows the homeowners to entertain at their leisure with technology that seamlessly blends with the modern design of the residence. Whether entertaining family and friends or relaxing during the week, the home automation system has the ability to create the experience they’re looking for at any given moment. “Crestron continues to innovate and provide us with valuable tools, like their showrooms, that help us show customers what the possibilities are and envision a future with technology.” – Kai Jordeth, Account Manager, Logic Integration

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