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The customer wanted to upgrade the technology in their large board room to make it easier to use for their staff and a variety of vendors and end users. They also wanted to have a better audio and video experience in the room as well as for remote participants. The room had a ceiling height limit that prevented larger display options.


Existing projection screen and projector were outdated, the control system did not work well and was not user-friendly. A long room with 25 board members that all needed equal representation in meeting calls.


Logic met with the customer on several occasions and did manufacturer tours to finalize the display solution. We looked at small pixel LED video walls as well as very large LCD displays. Ultimately, the solution we agreed on was a 98” 4K display mounted on the front wall with a confidence monitor for presenters on a sidewall and an additional monitor over the board room table near the rear of the room to provide board members on the extreme end of the table another monitor. Presentations can be made from a room PC or a two-user wireless collaboration device.

To meet the audio needs of the customer, we decommissioned an old overhead microphone design that had 12 open condenser microphones at all times during calls. After several design meetings, we came up with an in table microphone layout with 25 Shure condenser microphones deployed with push button mute control on each mic or controllable from a new touch panel. Each board member now had their own microphone with mute that was wired to cover the presenter while rejecting adjacent seats. The moderator for the room also had individual control of the participants as well as a group mute option that registered with feedback at the individual locations. The microphones were also fed into the overhead speaker system in a mix-minus pattern to help with voice lift from the ends of the room. Existing speakers were re-used with some new additions and rewired into a three-zone system.

Key Technologies:

98” 4K display

25 Shure condenser microphones

Crestron control system

Confidence monitor for presenters on a sidewall

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