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In mid 2013, Logic Integration was contacted to help with some much needed upgrades to the audio systems of the Colorado State Capital.  The State Capitol and other buildings within it’s campus was built back in the 1890’s and opened in 1894.  While the public has noticed the recent major renovation of the beautiful Gold Dome, much has been taking place indoors as well.  With all of the new technology changes over the past 120 years, the design implantation of ever changing systems has a long history within these public halls.


The State Capitol is a large building and the Capitol Complex as a whole includes more than just the main Capitol building.  After much discovery through several site walks that included many more rooms, a complex and rather old analog audio system infrastructure was discovered that also allows sends audio to recording and streaming servers across the street in what used to be the Colorado State Museum.  This building now houses other legislative council chambers and offices including the Joint Budget Council (JBC). These audio systems are also distributed to what are referred to as Squawk Boxes within several legislative offices.  
Working in either building presents many design, access and construction challenges.  New vs old construction considerations, lead based paint and the need to protect the historic finishes.  When it came to the systems themselves, the legal requirement to retain many of the existing functions on the analog systems, was a must.  Though the long term goal is to complete a Dante Audio network, the analog routing was still required.


Logic integration has been honored to work in Council Rooms 112, 356 and what is referred to as the Old Supreme Court.  The JBC was fully upgraded in early 2014, and most recently in late 2014 the new remodel of room 271 was a beautiful full new room install.

Logic installed Teleconferencing, Video Distribution & Video conferencing technologies to bring elegant user friendly touches to this important project.

Key Technologies:

Lectrosonics Aspen Series DSP

Crestron DMPS-300-C Audio/Video & Control processors

Vaddio Cameras and Audio Bridging Devices

FSR table devices for mics

Crestron Flip-top Cubbies

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