Colorado Athletic Club - Union Station, Denver, CO


The Colorado Athletic Club Union Station, situated in the heart of lower downtown, is the newest addition to the company’s many state of the art locations. The club is designed to serve the busy professional and lower downtown resident with a wide variety of fitness offerings in a convenient and accessible location.


The club is located in a commercial building and occupies 38,000 square feet with numerous fitness zones. Control of the audiovisual systems and ease of use for the staff were of primary concern. Additionally, the systems needed to be designed with the challenges of room aesthetics and acoustical sound transmission between floors.


Logic Integration began working with the Club’s team several months in advance of construction starting to create a layout of the numerous systems necessary to serve the wide variety of rooms and classes offered. A centralized wireless Crestron control system was designed to give the staff the ability to walk through and control sources and volumes for the common workout areas and public spaces. Pendant speakers and subwoofers on acoustically isolating hangers were chosen for all of the open ceiling areas to give an aesthetically pleasing design with smooth coverage over large areas and eliminating audio transmission through the ceiling above.

Key Technologies:

Centralized wireless Crestron control system

Pendant speakers & subwoofers on acoustically isolating hangers


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