Cherry Hills Landscape Audio


In the heart of Cherry Hills Village neighborhood, a coveted locale just southwest of downtown Denver, lies a sprawling 7.5-acre estate that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of Colorado. This remarkable property is characterized by a lush landscape featuring a Par 3 golf hole, a man-made pond fed by a mountain spring, and an artificial mountainous terrain adding to the rustic allure of the place. With an outdoor pool and a pool house to complement, the estate offers a slice of luxury nestled in the lap of nature. However, to enhance the entertainment quotient of this locale, an advanced landscape audio system was envisioned. The goal was clear: to weave high-fidelity sound seamlessly into the natural beauty of the property, creating an immersive outdoor experience.


The task at hand was no mean feat. The homeowner envisaged a space that could host private events, integrating live sound performances and offering a rich auditory experience, irrespective of where one was on the property. The primary challenge lay in ensuring a uniform and high-quality sound experience throughout the vast 7.5-acre estate, providing the ability to integrate live sound for events while maintaining a comfortable listening volume everywhere. Furthermore, the outdoor setting demanded that the speakers and systems installed were robust enough to withstand the extreme weather conditions that the area could potentially experience, requiring solutions that were not just high-performing, but also weatherproof.


To counter the challenges, a comprehensive strategy was designed focusing on delivering high fidelity performance and sound across the property. A critical aspect of the solution was to provide even, balanced sound coverage across each installation location, ensuring an immersive sound experience irrespective of the area. Furthermore, it was essential to maintain the aesthetic integrity of the property; hence the installations were planned to blend seamlessly with the existing landscape, adding to the ambiance rather than detracting from it. Additionally, weatherproof solutions were a must to guarantee longevity and consistent performance, even in the face of harsh elements.

Key Technologies:

  1. Sonance LS6T Satellite Speakers
    • Features: High-fidelity sound, aesthetic design that blends with the landscape, weather-resistant.
  2. Sonance LS15T In-Ground Subwoofers
    • Features: Deep bass output, concealed in-ground installation, weatherproof design.
  3. Sonance LS12T In-Ground Subwoofers
    • Features: Balanced bass response, seamless integration with the natural surroundings, built to withstand the elements.
  4. Sonamp DSP 2-750 MKII
    • Features: High-performance amplifier, offers excellent sound control and optimization, ensures smooth operation of the entire audio setup.

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