Castle Pines Hideaway


The property boasted a traditional design that had become outdated over the years. The client decided to remodel the home to bring it up to date with a more modern and sophisticated style.


As part of the remodeling project, the client wanted to include an advanced audio-visual system that would add convenience, sophistication, and high-tech features to their new space. However, the client was clear that they did not want the AV system to detract from the overall aesthetic of the home, which featured a luxurious and elegant design. Overall, the project presented a unique challenge, requiring a careful balance of technology and aesthetics.

One of the main challenges was finding ways to conceal the AV equipment while maintaining easy access for maintenance and updates. This was particularly challenging as the home’s design featured minimalistic interiors with clean lines and hidden storage spaces. The AV Concepts team had to devise a solution that would not only provide easy access to the equipment but also be discreet enough to remain hidden when not in use.


One of the solutions involved concealing the AV equipment by installing in-wall subwoofers and cabinet speakers. This allowed for the speakers to blend into the walls and cabinets, providing a clean and unobtrusive appearance while still delivering high-quality audio throughout the house. Additionally, the use of hidden equipment racks and custom-built cabinetry allowed for easy access to the equipment while maintaining a streamlined look in each room.

Another solution was to integrate the AV system with the home’s automation system. Logic installed automated shades that could be controlled through the same control system used to operate the AV system. This allowed for convenient control of both the AV system and the natural light in each room.

In conclusion, the Home in Castle Pines project presented unique challenges that required a careful balance of technology and aesthetics. Through the use of in-wall speakers, hidden equipment racks, automated shades, and a comprehensive control system, Logic Integration was able to deliver an AV system that met the client’s requirements while complementing the overall design of the home.

Key Technologies:

  • Crestron Home
  • Crestron NVX Video Distribution
  • Sonance Invisible Speakers
  • Focal Bookshelf Speakers
  • Screen Innovation Nano Shades
  • WattBox Surge Protector/Power Conditioning
  • Araknis Networks

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