Air Methods Operations Centers


Air Methods Corporation is an American privately-owned helicopter operator. The air medical division provides emergency medical services to 70,000 – 100,000 patients every year, and operates in 48 states and Haiti, and air medical continues to be its primary business focus.

The customer moved their operations centers to their headquarters and needed to have a fast and seamless switchover from the old facility to the new one. The larger operations center has a 4 x 2 video wall while the smaller center is a simple 1×2.


Completion timelines were critical to facilitate the client moving their existing 24/7 operation to the new location. Exact locations for content connection points were fluid until the final days of the project. The low ceilings in the space were also a challenge for the install team to get the larger video wall as high up against the drop tile grid as possible. Audio from different source were also required for end users to hear news channel feeds as needed.


The video displays chosen were Samsung commercial 55” displays with ultra-narrow bezels. Chief Connexsys video wall mounts were used to get the video wall only 2” from the ceiling grid and aligned. Six Crestron transmitter/receiver pairs were located throughout the command center for content to the video processor provided by Air Methods. Two additional satellite TV receivers were installed in the IT rack for news feeds inside the Operations Centers. QSC ceiling speakers were deployed throughout the Centers for audio. A wall mounted source selector and volume control enabled the end users to switch and adjust sources.

End Results:

The command centers enable the users to monitor multiple flight operations as well as two cable channels simultaneously in a single room for critical operations decision making.

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