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What if You Could Control Your Entire House from an iPad?

Experience the Luxury and Efficiency of Smart Home Control

What if You Could Control Your Entire House from an iPad?

When smart home control first became popular, most people used company-provided touchpads to access all their technology. One of the biggest shifts in the past decade has been the emergence of mobile apps that let them use their preferred smart devices. Since then, the iPad has emerged as the most popular option.

For one, it offers more features than a traditional touchpad. Beyond its smart home control functions, your family uses it to check emails, play games or watch movies. Compared to its smartphone counterpart, the bigger screen makes menus easier to navigate for the best in convenience and luxury. Below we highlight some things you’d be able to control from your iPad in your Castle Pines, CO home using one of Logic Integration’s custom solutions.

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A typical entry to smart home control systems is entertainment. This should come as no surprise to anyone who's struggled to find the right remote to turn on the TV, Blu-ray, or surround sound. Our iPad integration systems are the ultimate evolution of the universal remote. Not only can you manage everything from one device, but it's a lot more intuitive than a remote.


Our Crestron user interfaces are custom designed for each of our clients. Navigating your system is as easy as choosing a menu icon called “Entertainment" or "TV" then selecting the source you want. From that same sub-menu, you can then change the channel, raise the volume, and adjust brightness.


The other great thing about using an iPad instead of a remote is that it covers your entire home. If you’re moving from the living room to the bedroom, set up the channel and volume in the latter before you head over, so you don't miss any of the action. 



The large screen on your iPad is especially useful when managing your security systems. Take a break from your Netflix stream to check in on live surveillance footage of your kitchen, bedroom, or backyard. Already in bed for the night? No need to get out of your cozy sheets five different times to make sure all the doors are locked. Pull up the iPad sitting on your bedside table to check which doors are still open and lock them using your app.


Lighting & Shading

Using your smart home control iPad, you can create unique lighting scenes. Find and save the ideal settings for watching movies, cooking breakfast, reading in bed or a nighttime swim. It's then easy to pull those scenes up later or schedule them to happen at a particular time. Like with your locks, you can use your iPad to see which lights are on throughout your house and turn them off. This can result in substantial savings in your monthly energy bills.

Imagine you're sitting on the couch enjoying a streaming binge session when suddenly the sun is hitting your TV screen directly. Instead of having to get up and interrupt your viewing, close the shades from the same iPad you used to turn on the TV. Getting ready to take a shower in the morning? Use your iPad to bring down the shades before you go to the bathroom to protect your privacy.

Integrated Solutions

While each smart home control feature brings its perks, the biggest benefit of our iPad interfaces is that you can manage everything from the same location. When you sit down to watch a movie, from the same app, you can pull up the channel, lower the thermostat, dim the lights, and close the shades. Make it even easier with a "Movie" scene that makes all those changes instantly at the press of a button.

All of our user interfaces are custom designed, so all the rooms and technology you use most are easily accessible. Ready to enjoy full smart home control from your iPad? Contact Logic Integration to set up a consultation.

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