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What Can You Control With Your Boardroom Automation System?

Make Your Company More Efficient With Smart Technology

What Can You Control With Your Boardroom Automation System?

When it comes to your business’ bottom line, boosting productivity is one of the easiest ways to increase profits. Boardroom automation helps your Denver, Co office be more efficient by centralizing control of all the technology in the room. Quickly adjust the lights or room temperature during a meeting or transition from a video conference to a group brainstorming session at the press of a button. A smart boardroom will reduce the amount of labor hours spent in meetings and optimize your resources.

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AV Equipment

For most of our clients, the priority is to get intuitive control of all their AV equipment. Through a clearly-labeled user interface on a tablet or touchpad, they can turn on and configure multiple displays including projectors, and choose how they want to use them. It’s also simple to share content to your screen. Choose whether you want to be in video conferencing mode, share content via an HDMI cable, or even share it wirelessly. We partner with Barco ClickShare, wePresent, and ClearOne which offers the best boardroom software and hardware in the market to make it easy to hold conference calls and share media.  


Lighting and Shading

It's the control of the technology beyond your AV equipment that really makes a boardroom automation system stand out. Right from the same touchpad you use to manage your audio and video, you can adjust the lights throughout the room. Dim them down during a multimedia presentation or use them to highlight particular speakers during a meeting. You can also access your user interface to lower shades to reduce glare or cool down the room. 



If the shades aren’t enough to manage the temperature, you can adjust the thermostat through your boardroom control system. It’s hard to know what the right temperature will be for a meeting until everyone files in, so it’s important that you have an easy way to make adjustments in real time. Since you have compartmentalized control of the thermostat within the boardroom, your temperature changes won't disrupt the entire office.


Room Management 

With Eventboard (now Teem) and Crestron RoomView you can institute smart scheduling solutions to track who’s using specific boardrooms at a given time. Employees can access the information on their desktop or smartphone. Crestron's access control can also play a pivotal role. Turn off card readers during a meeting so no one can interrupt, or have a red light turn on above the reader when the room is scheduled to be used. This way people will know the room is unavailable even if the individual that reserved the room hasn't arrived.

Your boardrooms are used in a variety of ways –from conference calls to quarterly reports---so it's important you have the right solution in place to optimize them. Contact us to see what type of boardroom automation system would make the most sense for your company. 

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