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Integrate Sound Masking to Keep Your Business Confidential

Simple Privacy Solutions for Your Englewood, CO Business

Integrate Sound Masking to Keep Your Business Confidential

Optimizing your conference room for sound quality is an essential component of running a business. After all, you don’t want to shout across a room and only hear echoes in return. Your message can get distorted, your team could lose interest and your time could be wasted. But many of the traditional audio optimization techniques aren’t right for today’s offices. Acoustical treatments can get pricey, and sound absorbing items like carpets are out of fashion. Instead, why not invest in a sound masking system that can help focus your meetings and free you from distractions? Want to learn more? Keep reading.


What Is Sound Masking?


At its most basic, sound masking is a simple concept: you play a low-level sound through your connected audio distribution system. It serves two purposes. The first is to cancel noise from outside the room that may cause distractions. The second (and more important) function, is to keep any information shared within the room from being heard outside. It’s a perfect tool for maintaining confidentiality in your office.


Sound masking is often confused with “white noise,” which is the unpleasant sound televisions make when they don’t receive a signal. Actually, sound masking is different because it’s precisely designed to play at a frequency similar to human speech, which means it very quickly blends in with the ambient noise of your office and your team won’t even know it’s there.


How Sound Masking Works

Some business owners may be wary of installing another electronic system in their office. But sound masking is a more affordable alternative to a complete acoustic overhaul of your space. If you were to invest in more traditional means of sound optimization, acoustic treatments and soundproofing, the process may involve construction and expensive materials. Instead, electronic sound masking simplifies the process by using the speakers you may already have installed in your space.

Sound masking speakers typically sit in the ceiling, and if you already have an audio distribution or public address system installed, you can use many of the same components for the purpose. Most sound masking systems offer independent controls, so you can adjust the volume separately from your distributed audio system. Plus, even if you have your sound masking audio playing through all of the office’s speakers at once, you can still maintain zone control for your other sound systems.


Are you ready to enjoy a system that helps keep your office focused and your conversations confidential? Invest in sound masking technology today. Contact Logic Integration for more information.

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