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How Important is a Smart Lighting System to Your Business?

Enhance Efficiency and Reduce Costs with a Custom Solution

How Important is a Smart Lighting System to Your Business?

When we first consult with clients about the importance of integrated technology systems, we stress the importance of two solutions: commercial lighting control and audio/video. While we’ve discussed the importance of AV in our past blogs, this time we’re going to highlight how Logic Integration’s smart lighting systems can benefit your Denver, CO business. We’ll focus primarily on how we can help you enhance your energy-efficiency, security, and even company presentations. 

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Energy Reduction

When making any decisions for your business, you always want to ensure that you’re getting a good return on investment. When it comes to commercial lighting control, those returns are immediate and quantifiable. With intuitive control of lights and shades, you can significantly reduce your monthly energy bills. From an energy dashboard, see in real time how these tools are saving you money. Below are some examples of how to conserve energy with smart lighting: 

  • Reduce lighting expenses by 60 percent using commercial dimmers.
  • Reduce heat gain—and air conditioning expenses—by 10 to 30 percent with motorized window shades that adjust based on the sun’s position.
  • Reduce energy bills by 35-45 percent by installing occupancy sensors in boardrooms, bathrooms, and classrooms.

Presentation Technology

If your business relies heavily on presentation technology—whether it’s in an office or educational setting—then you need to incorporate smart lighting as well. Lighting, more than anything, will help you transform the room depending on its function including multimedia presentations, brainstorming sessions, or video conferences.

With intuitive control of your lights, you can make adjustments to highlight particular speakers, get better images from your high-definition screens, or make it easier to take notes. For added efficiency, save the ideal light settings for each function then pull them up at the press of a button when needed.

Security Systems

Proper lighting is essential when it comes to burglary prevention and employee safety. Below we highlight some ways you can use smart lighting tools to create a safer workplace environment:

  • Motion Sensors: To avoid unlit areas around your business, you can have lights automatically turn on when someone approaches. Not only does this eliminate tripping hazards, but it will also dissuade potential intruders. In warehouses and factories, sensors are also ideal when employees need to access lights while their hands are full.
  • Timers: Burglars typically target unoccupied properties. If you plan on closing for an extended period, use pre-set lighting scenes or timers. Schedule lights to go on and off throughout the day to simulate activity when you're not there. 
  • Evacuation Routes: You should always link your lighting to your fire alarm system. If the alarm goes off, lights turn on to guide the way to the nearest exit to speed up evacuations.

Smart lighting is a must-have investment for your business whether you want to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, or improve employee safety. Logic Integration can design a custom solution that acknowledges your unique needs and priorities. To get started, call us at (303)-484-8237 or contact us online.

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