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How Does Your Workspace Measure Up?

How Does Your Workspace Measure Up?

Measure twice, cut once. Solid advice from the craftsman that rings true in the corporate environment as well. With real estate costs one of the largest business expenses incurred, measuring to ensure each space is being utilized to its potential is paramount. So how does your organization measure up?

Meaningful Metrics and Actionable Intelligence

 Real estate managers, facilities managers and IT professionals have recognized that, to effectively calculate current space needs and forecast future growth, they will require tools that provide quantifiable data on how each space is used. Determining which key data points to measure requires an understanding of the organization’s unique requirements, workforce and workflows. Once those are defined, there are several feature-rich room management systems available that can provide efficient, time-saving tools along with utilization data capture.


Room scheduling is a powerful time-saver that eliminates double-booked spaces and meeting interruptions. Integrated calendar features add to its convenience and efficiency. Room scheduling can also be integrated with climate control, automated lighting and window shades for energy efficiency. Additional features that greatly improve workforce productivity are those that identify the room’s user, either by room booking or by proximity detector beacons, and activate the collaborative technologies required for the scheduled event. Crestron’s Fusion is a sophisticated platform that interfaces with the technologies so that participants can jump in their meeting space and get started. Its powerful back-end metrics provides insights into room and device usage that optimize investments in people, space and technology.

Teeming up! Teem and Crestron partner to simplify collaboration

Teem, a provider of cloud-based meeting tools and analytics and Crestron have recently partnered, offering consumers a user-friendly interface and robust hardware that seamlessly connect people to places and technology. The new integrated solution takes room management to another level allowing users to “automate room check-in, occupancy-based booking, huddle space occupancy detection and more.” Teem’s capabilities also include Alexa for Business providing a voice interface in the workplace.

Acting on the Analytics

Now that you’ve gathered insights on how your meeting spaces are used, you can make informed decisions on real estate. Based on the metrics, you may have discovered the need for larger or smaller fixed spaces or a need to have divisible or on-demand spaces known as hoteling. This data is invaluable for current and future space planning.

How do You Measure Success?

How could your organization benefit from valuable time-saving tools and insightful space utilization metrics? By maximizing your collaborative

spaces and learning which technologies your workers are using, you can better allocate your resources and set your team up for success. Call Logic Integration today to discover how a room management system could create measured success for your organization.


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