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6 Steps to Installing a Smart Home Automation System

Invest in a Technology Solution Custom-Designed to Meet Your Needs

6 Steps to Installing a Smart Home Automation System

If you’re ready to invest in smart technology, there’s no better way to do it than installing a home automation system. You get intuitive control of all the technology in your Cherry Hills, CO home –including lights, entertainment, security and climate—from the device of your choice. Another benefit of a home automation system is that it’s entirely customizable. Your project always begins with a discovery call to learn what you want to get out of your smart home.

  1. Finding Out Exactly What You Want
    Any reputable custom integrator will begin with a thorough consultation. This can be done in the office or through a discovery call. The goal is to figure out the scope of your project: the rooms and technology you want to include. We also work with you to see which control solutions would make the most sense for your family.
  2. Presenting You With an Initial Plan
    Our in-staff designers and engineers will create extensive documentation for your project. You’ll see everything that’s included in your system and how it all works together. We take into account all the technology you want to include as well as any time or budget constraints. Having this kind of documentation in place from the start will help ensure your installation goes smoothly.
  3. Advising You on the Best Equipment
    As part of your initial plan, we’ll advise you on which hardware would work best for every part of your system. This could include the speakers you use in your home theater or the type of lighting that makes the most sense for your landscaping. The products you choose use will also be included in your project documentation, so it’s easy to replace them if a problem arises in the future.
  4. Installing Your Wiring and Equipment
    Once you’ve approved of our initial design, we will install all the wiring and equipment for your system. With thorough documentation of your project, it’s easy to communicate with designers and builders as needed to ensure a quick and efficient installation. All wiring will be kept hidden behind walls and equipment placed exactly where it should be.
  5. Programming Your Control Solution
    What good is all that technology if you don’t have an easy way to control it? As certified Crestron programmers, we can create a custom program for your project that lets all your technology communicate as one. It’ll include only the technology that matters most to you and, per our initial conversation, let you manage it the way you want. We can program the same user interface for your dedicated touchpad, tablet or smartphone.
  6. Ongoing Maintenance and Support
    One of the things that make us stand out from the competition is our commitment to service after installation. Through our special service packages, we offer remote monitoring, annual maintenance calls, unlimited phone support and quick service calls. If a problem arises in the future you can rest assured that it will be resolved quickly.

Are you interested in installing a home automation system? The first step is setting up a discovery call with Logic Integration so we can work on creating a custom design for you.

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