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Embrace Green Technology with Motorized Shades

Save Energy in Your Castle Rock Home Without Sacrificing Style

Embrace Green Technology with Motorized Shades

Smart home automation not only improves your home experience, but it can also make your home more efficient and help you manage your energy use. Motorized shades are a perfect example of a home technology that both improves the look and feel of your home, while simultaneously making it greener. The secret to their success is that they allow you to control how much heat and light from the sun will enter your living spaces. All motorized shades from Crestron and QMotion are tailor-made to fit your windows, they will be consistent with your home’s style. Want to learn more about how motorized shades will enhance your home’s style while reducing energy use? Read on.

Maintain Your Home’s Temperature

One way the sun can impact your home is through temperature. When sunlight enters your home, it will make your space naturally warmer. During the winter months, you can utilize your blinds to heat your home by opening them to let in the sun. However, it’s difficult and time-consuming to go throughout your home every morning and manually open the shades. With motorized shades, create a “winter day” setting and you will only have to press one button on your way out or, if you forget to do that, use your smartphone or tablet to make the change from anywhere. When the summer months come, and it’s time to turn on the AC, your shades can help keep the heat out. For your “summer day” setting, you will probably want to draw all the shades to cool down your home.



Either way, the principle is the same: you can use your shades to reduce your reliance on your AC or heater to maintain your home’s temperature. If your whole home is automated, you can even synchronize your shades with your heater to increase energy savings. For instance, during these winter months, turn the heater down throughout the day as you capture heat. Then schedule your heater to turn on low when you arrive home, and increase in temperature as the sun sets.


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Maintain Your Home’s Light


Motorized shades can also have a significant impact on the amount of electricity used in your home’s lighting. Again, the key is to utilize the sun’s natural resources to your advantage. To have the greatest impact on your energy savings, integrate your shades with a Crestron lighting control system. For instance, if you’re home during the day, have the shades up and leave the lights off. Then, synchronize your lighting and shades with an astrological clock which tracks the path of the sun. That way, as the sun sets, your shades can slowly descend--keeping out any glare--and your lights can slowly illuminate to maintain the proper light and save energy. Expect a more comfortable and efficient home when you add motorized shades and lighting control.


Think about it, don’t you want your windows to look great and help save you energy? Contact us today, and we can provide the necessary ingredient: motorized shades from Crestron and QMotion.


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