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4 Reasons Homebuilders Should Embrace Smart Lighting Control

Offer Comprehensive Technology Solutions on Your Next Project

4 Reasons Homebuilders Should Embrace Smart Lighting Control

When beginning work on a new project, it’s no longer enough to provide basic construction services. Builders are increasingly embracing the importance of including built-in technology as well. While entertainment services like multi-room audio and custom theaters are the most common solutions covered by builders, lighting control systems are not far behind. A 2015 poll from CEPRo reported that 68 percent of integrators offer smart lighting control as a built-in amenity in new constructions. In this blog, we'll explain some of the reasons builders in Castle Rock, CO should embrace this technology.
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Meet Customer Expectations

For some builders, the inclusion of smart technology is simply a response to increased demand. A recent survey by Caldwell Banker showed that 44 percent of home buyers want a move-in ready smart home. Of those interested in lighting control, homeowners also stated that they would like to manage their lights from an app or touchpad, which they can do better with a comprehensive full-home solution.

Offer Streamlined Installations

Builders should encourage homeowners to incorporate these systems early in the process to streamline installation. By having their system installed during construction, they can avoid invasive rewiring in the future. We offer extensive documentation of our work to make it clear to you and the homeowner where wiring and fixtures will be placed. This way, builders know well ahead of time if any adjustments will have to be made during construction to accommodate the new technology.

Create Sustainable Homes

The demand for environmentally friendly homes continues to rise. Builders can make their constructions more eco-friendly through the use of recyclable materials, efficient insulation, and smart lighting control. It's not enough to just install LED bulbs instead of incandescent ones (though that would certainly help). Through the use of centralized control and sensors, a smart lighting system helps homeowners reduce their carbon footprint. It does this by avoiding unnecessary usage and employing smart shading to support the home’s HVAC System.

Expand Outdoor Living Spaces

When it comes to luxury homes, owners are also demanding impressive outdoor spaces. You build large patios, porches, and pools, and we design lighting control solutions that will help owners get the most out of them. Through scheduled scenes and sensors, we ensure these areas are never left in the dark when the sun sets. Through intuitive control, it's easy for homeowners to choose which features –whether it's a fountain or landscaping—they want to highlight on a given day.

The first step in offering smart technology solutions in your new constructions is partnering with a trusted integrator in your area. Contact us today to find out more about our services and how we could work together in the future.

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