Lighting Design

Logic Integration’s lighting design services go beyond functionality, as they understand the profound impact that lighting has on a space’s aesthetic and atmosphere. By carefully selecting fixtures and creating customized lighting scenes, we can transform the ambiance, elevating the visual appeal and enhancing the overall feeling of a room. Our thoughtful approach to lighting design ensures that each space is not only well-illuminated but also exudes a captivating and immersive environment that evokes the desired mood.

The Lighting Design Difference

Typical Lighting Layout

Purposeful Design

Circadian Lighting

Light designed to support the body’s natural circadian rhythms by providing the right type and intensity of light at the right time of day. It aims to regulate the body’s internal clock by mimicking natural light cycles and can have a positive impact on sleep quality, mood, and cognitive function. We incorporate lighting fixtures that can change color temperature and brightness throughout the day, based on a pre-programmed schedule or controlled by sensors that measure the natural light levels.

Human Centric Lighting

Light designed to consider the physiological and psychological effects of light on humans. It takes into account the fact that light not only helps us see but also affects our mood, energy levels, and overall well-being. It also takes into account other factors, such as the color rendering index (CRI), which refers to how accurately colors are perceived under a specific light source, and flicker, which is the rapid and repeated fluctuation in light output.


Instead of the usual four cans and a fan, Logic Integration creates lighting designs motivated by your lifestyle. By utilizing light fixtures specific to your preferences and needs we can create a tailored, strategic lighting experience for our home owners.


From conceptualization to fixture selection, lighting control systems, design integration, and ongoing support, Logic Integration ensures that every aspect of the lighting design is shaped and molded to the client’s preferences. The result is a visually stunning and immersive environment that perfectly reflects the client’s style and objectives.


Our approach to lighting design goes beyond aesthetics. We understand that lighting has a profound impact on mood, productivity, and overall well-being. Through our expertise and attention to detail, we craft lighting designs that not only create captivating environments but also promote comfort, functionality, and a sense of harmony.

Detailed Design

The most comfortable, functional, inviting, and relaxing homes require thoughtful, professional lighting designs that take your lifestyle, budget, and architecture into consideration. Imagine waking gently to a sunrise supported by slowly brightening indoor lighting, working in a kitchen brightly illuminated yet without glare, and relaxing in a living area at the end of the day. Lighting can help you and your loved ones live, work, study, and sleep better when designed by our world-class team of designers.

Light can transform your home into an inviting oasis when the right fixtures are placed and controlled correctly. We offer a range of performance architectural fixtures that highlight architectural features, deliver better light to work surfaces, and brighten your home all while reducing glare and minimizing light that could disrupt your sleep. Our architectural fixtures disappear into your home, allowing your decor and treasured belongings to shine.

Light fixtures

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