by | May 13, 2019 | Commercial, Products

So, what’s all the buzz about Zoom, and what is a Zoom Room? If you are not already a user, then you surely have heard Zoom discussed among IT professionals who are looking to standardize on a collaborative solution for their company. Zoom is an easy to roll out, easy to use, scalable video and audio conferencing platform for various sized spaces. Nearly three quarters of our clients have standardized on Zoom. Is it the right solution for you too?

From a  simple huddle space to a large conference center, Zoom’s software and cloud-based platform provides easy to use collaborative solutions for almost any business. Zoom can exist on a desktop (PC) or as part of a dedicated video conferencing system and provides wireless presenter connectivity from either a laptop, portable i-device or android device. If you have existing equipment, Zoom may be capable of integrating with that as well, extending the lifecycle of those devices.


Zoom’s prepackaged systems are frequently called Zoom Rooms. These packages come already configured and ready to deploy, with all the necessary hardware and software included. Just add a display and the system is complete! Zoom Rooms can use a desktop version (laptop) or a dedicated NUC computer that stays in the space and is part of the system. Users can access the built-in scheduling capabilities through Office 365, Exchange or Google and set up calls ahead of time, making for a simple one-touch launch of the video call when everyone is ready.

Should you desire a more streamlined solution with interactive “whiteboard” capabilities, Zoom has you covered there with an “all-in-one” interactive display with built-in camera, mic array speakers and, of course, the Zoom platform. As with the Zoom Rooms, the display is configured and ready to go and all mounting and hardware is included. Our technician simply needs to install the display, set up the network protocols and register Zoom to activate. Voila!


And Zoom is certainly not relegated to smaller meeting spaces. As an Authorized Zoom Room Integrator, Logic Integration can implement Zoom into a larger conference system, taking advantage of overhead mic systems and speakers as well as integrating with technologies such as QSC or Bi-amp DSP with control.
Zoom’s incredible popularity and adoption can be attributed to its ease of deployment and management along with its simple and intuitive user interface. Once socialized in an organization, it takes no time for all the users to adopt and use Zoom as a part of their daily workflow. This makes it an exceptional choice for multi-site roll-outs, throughout a building, across a campus, or around the globe.


We’ll guide you in selecting the best Zoom solution for your organization. We’ll work with you and your team to understand your meeting requirements and expectations and provide you with the ideal solution. Are you ready to Zoom?