by | Aug 28, 2018 | Residential

Technology has become a welcome and unavoidable part of our daily lives, so it only makes sense that our tech has become a bit of a centerpiece in our homes. The only problem is that, traditionally, it hasn’t always looked good when it came to blending in with design elements. Whether you’re the type that would like to showcase their tech or someone a little more lowkey who’d like to disguise it, there are numerous options for making your smart home stylish.


When thinking about integrating new technology into their home, most people think about the living room and stop there. While, sure, that’s the most common area to entertain your guests, it’s important to think about technology that will work for you where you need it. Think about how technology can simplify your morning routine. No need to turn on the TV for the news and weather, no need to check your phone to scan your email and social media notifications and forget about having to leave your master suite to turn off your security system or control the lighting or thermostat – do it all from your bathroom mirror while you get ready for work. The best part? These smart mirrors come framed in stylish finishes or even custom etching to ensure a seamless solution or a showcase piece to your bathroom, bedroom, or wherever you need it most!


If you’re attached to your television screen, consider integrating waterproof indoor TVs into your shower or bath tub. And don’t neglect the outside. Go beyond the living room and bring the entertainment outdoors with a waterproof and sun-friendly television screen to make sure you’re never far from the action. Curious? If you’d like to explore these design-friendly solutions or have some ideas of your own, give us a call. We’ll make sure you’re getting the right combination of technology to meet your lifestyle needs, but also match your unique style.