by | Aug 23, 2019 | Products

Talk about “WOW” factor. Picture visitors walking into your lobby and being greeted by a massive video wall. Not only is the imagery stunning, but it’s inviting them to engage, to touch, to explore and interact with your brand. Or imagine assembling your team in a collaborative space that enables multiple users to interact with limitless content simultaneously for seamless brainstorming and immeasurable productivity. The applications and ideation are endless with Planar’s Clarity® Matrix® MultiTouch LCD Video Wall System.

At Logic Integration, we believe in listening to our customers and designing innovative solutions to fit their needs. This solutions-based approach allows us to evaluate workflows and desired outcomes and, pulling from a vast selection of cutting-edge products, engineer a solution that best suits the current, and forecasted, requirements of the client. In other words, we focus on the solution and not the product however, more and more we’re discovering that the multi-user, multi-touch interactive video wall fills a trending demand for interactivity and collaboration. It’s available in a variety of configurations suitable for any space including lobbies, conference rooms or even mission critical environments. Having installed several in recent projects, we’re impressed with its consistent, exceptional performance and reliability. Our clients are impressed too, noting that the ease-of-use encourages a high adoption rate and lively, highly productive meetings.

Planar, a Leyard company, is a premier display provider with a decades-long track record of delivering proven, cutting-edge large-format display technologies and, in our opinion, this one hits it out of the park. The technology behind the screen is as impressive as the screen itself, enabling up to 32 touch points simultaneously across the video wall. Let that sink in…32 touch points of pinpoint accuracy without affecting other users. Check out the video to see it in action!

Everything on this wall, from design to installation, is carefully thought through and engineered for performance and serviceability. The Clarity Matrix Multitouch also features Planar® ERO-LCD™ (Extended Ruggedness and Optics™) technology to provide a continuous touch surface with false-touch prevention. It boasts the industry’s thinnest profile ultra-narrow bezel LCD and is capable of configurations up to a 350″ diagonal. All this while providing 24/7 reliability.

Whether as an eye-catching feature for an open public space, an interactive tool for enhanced visualization of your mission critical environment, or as a collaboration tool for your dynamic team, the Clarity Matrix MultiTouch delivers the WOW factor powered by incredible NextGen video processing. Ready to make a lasting first impression or to provide your teams with the most robust tool on the planet? Give us a call and let’s design one for you!