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Mersive Solstice Introduces a Game-Changing Platform for Enhanced Collaboration

Mersive Solstice Introduces a Game-Changing Platform for Enhanced Collaboration

Today’s market is crowded with wireless connectivity solutions,each bragging about better collaborative experiences without the hindrance of wires. Apple made the initial splash with Airplay and Microsoft with Miracast, but neither was really a business application plus Apple faced challenges with network security. Fast forward and there are currently hundreds of “wireless presentation connectivity” devices on the market, but most weresimply wireless HDMI connections that don’t provide a true seamless collaborative experience. Until Mersive.

Focused from the start

Mersive has always had a clear vision as to what makes ameeting successful; collaboration. They understood effective collaboration was the key to a productive meeting,with 61% of meeting-goers preferring meetings where multiple people could share content on a screen. Interfacing with mobile technologies was also key since most attendees bring their portable devices for notetaking, content sharing, etc. In fact, less than 1 in 5 meeting goers bring pen and paper. While this trend gains momentum, another feature growing in demand is the ability to meet regardless of location. Attendeeswant the ability to share and annotate content across multiple locations.

The Mersive Solstice 4.0 on the Gen 3Pod delivers on that vision. The Gen3 provides dual display presentations, allowing more content to be shared simultaneously…or even larger images that can be compared on two screens versus smaller windows on a single screen which can be hard for attendees to see or read. The Gen3 has a wired HDMI connection, so those not able to connect wirelessly (not on the network, etc.) can still connect and present. Samsung tablets,iPhones, iPadsand/or Android phones can all connect and present on the Gen3 easily and simultaneously.

In the room, across the campus, around the globe

The magic happens though with the software that is in the Gen3 Pod. In an environment where workers are both in the office and working remotely, Solstice allows for presentations to be shared acrosslocations. Users can download the Solstice desktop software and share, view and collaborate from the desktop while attendees in the office see and share the same content. Attendees can also annotate using the Pod remote or mouse on a desktop. Solstice can also integrate Zoom and Skype video and/or audio calls into the meeting. Wireless, multiplatform, BYOD, multisite collaborative meetings are what meeting-goers are expecting, and Mersive Solstice 4.0 on the Gen 3 delivers.

Some of the other features that Solstice provides is room scheduling and digital signage. Users can schedule rooms as they normally do through Outlook or Google and Solstice will display all meeting times for that space on the screen. Attendees can walk into the room and see if the room is available or when there is another meeting scheduled. Additionally, when the display is not in use, the Gen 3 can be used to show messaging (Digital Signage) for company branding, welcome messages and more.

Control though a robust dashboard

The enterprise edition of the software can be remotely managed through the Mersive Dashboard. The dashboard also allows access to messaging updates on each Pod, troubleshooting and configuration as well as providingdetailed room analytics.

Another Mersive advantage is security, skillfully addressing one of the biggest concerns for the IT managers. All Mersive devices and software are built around enterprise environments. Since its inception, Mersive has been associated with professional enterprise-level devices that provide the most current security protocols.

The right collaborative tools for your team

Mersive provides a number of solutions that our Logic Integration collaboration pros can guide you through. Each comes with feature sets and price points to meet your needs. Integration and deployment of Mersive products is relatively easy andwe’ll make sure you have the support, tools and information to make that happen. From simple two room to enterprise-wide requirements, Mersive Solstice is the ideal collaborative solution to ensure more productive meetings.

Meta: Want to make your team’s meetings more productive and efficient? Mersive Solstice 4.0 and Gen 3 Hardware Platform takes meeting collaboration and productivity to new heights. Learn how!

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