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How to Enhance the Image Quality in Your Video Conferences

Invest in the Right Equipment for Your Audio and Video Conferencing System

How to Enhance the Image Quality in Your Video Conferences

When we install meeting spaces or audio and video conferencing systems for our clients, the focus is always on giving them the best experience. Not only do we want to make the spaces easier to manage, but we also want to optimize them to get the best sound and audio quality possible. In this blog, specifically, we'll focus on how we can improve the image quality in your Englewood office to communicate with clients, partners and remote employees. Awarded the Best AV Company in Colorado in 2017, we can highlight some industry best practices and showcase some products we love to use.

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Video Distribution


While many people like to focus on displays when discussing image quality (and we’ll get there, we promise), the initial focus needs to be on getting high-quality signals to them. Even if you get state-of-the-art projectors or flat screens, they can't work magic. They can only do so much with a subpar signal.


You want to ensure that everyone can be seen clearly on the screen. For this, you need to have cameras specifically designed for conferencing environments and a robust networking foundation, so a lagging connection doesn’t disrupt your image quality.

If you plan on sharing content, we include various HDMI and VGA ports so you can link your laptop directly to your display. We include HDMI 2.0 cables to get full 4K Ultra HD images to your screens when needed. You can also connect wirelessly through one of our WePresent solutions. All of these will ensure you get the highest quality signal to your displays.

  • Product Spotlight: For our AV conferencing systems we use Vaddio cameras, which offer HD 1080p resolution and super-wide mode. Any manager who has tried to fit a whole boardroom table onto the screen can understand how important the latter is to a professional system.



Now that you’ve laid a strong video distribution framework, it’s time to talk about your displays. Typically our installations include either rear projection or flat screen solutions. Which one we use will depend on your space and lighting limitations. Whichever we choose, we recommend investing in the latest 4K Ultra HD technology.

These displays allow for a more visual workplace and better image quality from different viewing angles, which is ideal in a large boardroom environment. With the added pixel capacity of 4K Ultra HD, you can share both video and data on the same screen during a conference. By consolidating two smaller screens into a large, high-resolution one, it will be easier for everyone to follow along.

  • Product Spotlight: Our partner NEC offers the 4K ThinkHub Premium. This large touchscreen comes with built-in collaborative software that lets you create engaging, interactive presentations. The display lets various users share content simultaneously even while on a call, so you don't have to waste time transitioning from one laptop or mobile device to another.

With high-resolution images on your displays, you can develop engaging presentations and conversations throughout your Colorado business. Want to install a brand new conferencing system or upgrade your current one? Contact us at 303-484-8237 or fill out our online contact form.