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Articles in Category: Commercial

Furniture and Fixture Changes Affect Technology Placement and More

Furniture and Fixture Changes Affect Technology Placement and More

The design was perfect. An AV System thoughtfully designed and engineered for your meeting space. A touch of a single button would command a laser projector to stealthily drop from a disguised ceiling tile on a scissor-lift. It would display content to the room’s occupants throughout the collaborative space at the optimal scale. The equipment had all been ordered and the trades had all been scheduled. And then, deep into the project; a request was made to change from a single light fixture over the center of the table to 3 pendant lights running its length. The pendants are an elegant addition, but the placement of one puts it directly in the path of the projector. It may not seem like a serious issue but repositioning the projector may require a specialized long or short-throw lens be added or a longer scissor-lift be specified. Along with moving any other affected ceiling features, the electrical drop may also need to be relocated. AV Systems are an integral part of room design and changes to walls, ceiling, flooring, lighting or furnishings will have a domino effect that could result in costly change orders and extend your project’s timeline.

Logic - How to Determine the Right Display for Your Conference Room, Part Two

Logic - How to Determine the Right Display for Your Conference Room, Part Two

“Flat panel or projector and screen – what’s the right display for my conference room?” Often, it’s the first question we’re asked when starting a meeting room project. The answer is not a matter of what’s trending, but which provides the right solution based on the use and goals. To achieve the best outcome it’s important to understand that technology does not drive the best application but instead, the use and goals will drive the technology. While price, ease of installation and total cost of ownership (TCO) are a factor, the answer depends on the project’s objectives (effective, productive collaboration) and on the calculated proper screen size. Once the size is determined and the client and AV Designer have a clear understanding of the goals to be achieved, the type of display best suited for the application can be discovered. Let’s take a look at the individual technologies.