Video Surveillance for Business

Integration and monitoring

If required, the surveillance system may be integrated with other security systems to provide a comprehensive security solution. Additionally, a monitoring station or control room may be set up to actively monitor the camera feeds in real-time.


By incorporating advanced surveillance cameras within and around your commercial property, you gain the ability to monitor and capture real-time activities, whether you’re physically present or located miles away. Seamlessly observe live video feeds of entrances to ensure quality control, keep tabs on interior spaces, survey the perimeter, or even check on valuable materials and assets, all accessible from a convenient touch screen that also controls your Audio/Video system or via your smart mobile device. These camera options encompass pan-tilt-zoom, covert, long-range, CCTV, and more. Leveraging event-triggered video solutions, you can proactively enhance security measures and prevent incidents instead of merely documenting them. Furthermore, to maintain utmost privacy for your business, your surveillance data can be encrypted, securely streamed, and stored.

Site assessment

A professional technician assesses the area to determine optimal camera placements based on the specific security needs and objectives. Factors such as the layout, lighting conditions, potential blind spots, and high-risk areas are considered during this stage.

Mounting and positioning

The cameras are mounted securely and positioned correctly to provide optimal coverage of the desired areas. This involves choosing the appropriate mounting hardware, ensuring the cameras are properly aligned, and adjusting angles to maximize visibility.


With automated door locks, you don’t have to juggle keys to get inside your building. Smart locks report to your security system when someone enters or exits the building and they document which passcode was used. You can receive a text or email when doors are locked/unlocked, which is a great way to know that employees exited safely or that the cleaning the cleaning service arrived. Protect sensitive areas of your company, such as server rooms or inventory areas by installing automated door locks on interiors doors. Different sizes of locks are available and some include the actual handset or doorknob. We’ll help you choose the one that’s right for you.


Guard your property Day and Night from intruders. Motion detectors provide a second line of defense to help you protect your facilities and co-workers. Motion detectors are similar to contact sensors, except it operates by detecting motion and body heat. When motion is detected you will receive an alert. We can program lights to be turned on and doors to be locked if the motion detectors are integrated into a smart control system.

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