Sound Masking

Add subtle background noise to reduce the perception of distracting sounds, enhance privacy, and improve acoustic comfort.


In a laboratory study between 2006 and 2008, researchers found that the addition of sound masking increased speech privacy from 35% to 90%. Researchers found that study participants had a nearly 10% improvement in their ability to recollect a series of numbers and words after the addition of sound masking. Workers lost an average of 21.5 minutes each day to conversational distractions. 48% of survey respondents reported that conversational distractions were the leading cause of workplace discomfort. Sound masking provides a solution to noise-based distractions, helping all employees be more efficient and less disturbed.


The Privacy Index rates the inability of an unintentional listener to understand someone’s words. The higher the privacy index, the more confidential the speaker’s conversation becomes. When a conversation is clearly understood, the sound becomes a distraction and the speaker has less privacy. With the addition of Qt® sound masking, the speaker’s voice becomes less intelligible. Their voice becomes less of a distraction and the privacy index increases.

BUILDING Sound Masking Systems

Building sound masking systems involve the installation of carefully designed components to create an optimal acoustic environment within a space. These systems typically consist of sound masking emitters strategically placed throughout the area, along with a control module that regulates the volume and frequency of the emitted sound. The emitters generate a subtle, low-level background noise that helps to mask speech and other distracting sounds, ensuring privacy and reducing disruptions. The system is calibrated to match the specific characteristics of the space, accounting for factors such as room size, ceiling height, and ambient noise levels. Professional consultants or technicians work closely with the building’s architecture and acoustics to determine the ideal emitter placement and coverage. By implementing a well-designed sound masking system, businesses can effectively manage noise levels, create a more comfortable and productive environment, and improve the overall work experience for employees.

Improve Your Work Experience

Sound masking has the potential to greatly enhance your work experience by creating a more productive and comfortable environment. By introducing a gentle background noise that blends with the surrounding soundscape, sound masking helps to reduce the impact of distractions and create a sense of privacy. It effectively masks conversations and other noise sources, ensuring that confidential discussions remain confidential and minimizing interruptions from neighboring workstations. This improved acoustic environment fosters better concentration, reduces stress levels, and enhances overall focus and productivity. With sound masking, employees can experience a more peaceful and conducive atmosphere that promotes efficient work processes and contributes to a positive and fulfilling work experience. To see some of the commercial projects we have completed, please visit our Commercial Portfolio Page

Sound Masking equipment and Technology

Sound masking equipment and technology are essential tools in creating a balanced acoustic environment that enhances privacy, productivity, and overall well-being. These systems typically consist of specialized sound masking generators, amplifiers, and speakers that work together to emit a controlled background sound. The generators produce a range of frequencies that are specifically designed to mask or blend with ambient noise, effectively reducing speech intelligibility and minimizing distractions. The amplified sound is distributed through strategically placed speakers, ensuring uniform coverage throughout the desired area. Advanced sound masking technology allows for precise adjustment of volume levels and frequency spectrum to suit the unique needs of each space. Additionally, modern systems offer advanced features such as zoning capabilities, network integration, and automation, allowing for tailored solutions that can be easily managed and optimized. With the use of sound masking equipment and technology, businesses can create a more comfortable and productive environment, enhancing speech privacy, reducing noise disruptions, and improving the overall quality of the work experience for employees.

Sound Masking EXPERTS

Logic Integration has successfully executed numerous projects involving sound masking systems for clients of various sizes. We specialize in seamlessly integrating sound masking with background music systems, delivering comprehensive solutions. Our expertise extends across a wide range of industries, including corporate applications, hotel and hospitality, health and fitness clubs, government and military installations, educational institutions, large retailers, doctors’ offices, clinics and hospitals, and manufacturing facilities. If you require audio or visual sound masking systems or a combination of sound masking and background music, contact Logic Integration today. Our team of skilled professionals in design, engineering, installation, and service will guide you in selecting the ideal sound masking system that aligns with your specific requirements. Call us at 303-484-8237 or contact us via web.

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