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Lockton Companies, LLC Case Study

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Lockton Companies LLC, the world’s largest privately held insurance brokerage firm partnered with Logic Integration to create technology standards across (6) floors of their Denver, CO office. The office underwent a substantial remodel and an overall modernization. The goal of this overall remodel was to create an environment that showcased Lockton’s great culture, was attractive to new talent, and created an environment that all employees enjoyed coming to. Technology was a large part of this remodel. Previously, the standards for how the company used technology to collaborate was not as standardized as they would have liked it to be. Logic was fortunate to be selected as a long-term partner for Lockton through this project and collaborated closely with Lockton’s IT team to create user-friendly solutions across all floors and meeting spaces.


Lockton had worked with integrators and systems in the past that they had not had great experiences with. This resulted in a natural apprehension toward custom programming and other integrated technologies. Logic was able to create a proof of concept by providing a basic system in a smaller break room area that created the initial standard for how all rooms would operate as they were remodeled. Fortunately, the results of this proof of concept were positive and well received by the entire staff that interacted with it. The other major challenge for the project was a tight construction timeline and the beautiful architecture of the design. The technology solutions needed to fit in with the overall design of the spaces while remaining functional and immersive.


Logic provided multiple UC and collaboration solutions across the space as well as substantial amounts of sound masking in the open areas. Entertainment spaces were also created. Conference rooms included control systems, displays, table connectivity, Cisco WebEx room kits, and wireless presentation units. Each room fell into either a small, medium, or large conference room category and the technology would scale accordingly. Each conference room includes a room scheduling panel that ties into the client’s calendar system. The internal break room included multiple displays, Bluetooth connectivity for entertainment, a control system, wired presentations, and a wireless mic for internal events. The Café included a similar scope with the addition of sound masking for the times when sound needs to be contained.

Key Technologies:

  • Crestron 3-series Control
  • Crestron Video Distribution
  • QSC Q-SYS Audio DSP & Cameras
  • Shure Microflex Advance
  • Cambridge Sound Management QT-Series
  • Barco Clickshare
  • Sony Displays
  • Cisco WebEx Room Kit
  • Sonance Pro Series Speakers