by | Apr 26, 2019 | Commercial, Unique Spaces

What’s the first thing a potential client or candidate sees when they enter your space? Imagine presenting them with stunning imagery that conveys your brand, piques their interestor even engages them to interact!Make an impact by greeting them with a digital signage display, video wall or interactive wayfinding display. You’ll be setting your retail store, corporate office, educationalinstitution or healthcare facility apart from the competition! But that’s just the beginning.


With its dynamic, ever-changing content that can hold the interest of viewers, digital signage plays a very important part in digital marketing. Old-school static signage is a “one and done” experience for the viewer, whereas constantly changing content on a display keeps viewers engaged longer and decreases perceived wait times.


There are two basic elements of a successful digital signage application. One is the hardware component which may be a projection system or, more commonly, a display such as an OLED or Direct View LED, along witha Media Player. The other major element is the software that provides the platform for the content. On more sophisticated deployments there maybe sensors that provide the marketer metrics on how long people view the content while others may even include Bluetooth for a more interactive experience.

Displays are a critical component of a digital signage application. They need to be large enough for viewers to comfortably view the content and bright enough to overcome the light levels in the space. Since the typical digital signage display is in use an average of 12 hours a day (with more commercial applications it may be 24×7), consumer TV’s should not be used since they are not rated or warranted for this type of application. A display that becomes dim or fails outright is no longer able to show the messaging and thus is a lost opportunity.

Signage players provide a way to show dynamic video content. A proper player can show multiple video “windows” on the screen that translates into multiple messaging opportunities. Additionally, they can receive real-time streams from weather channels, stock markets, traffic reports and more. As asignage system designer, we will work with you to understand the type of content you need and the software you use to provide the best signage player for your application.


Captivating content is key to attracting viewers. It is recommended that new signage deployments not rely on applications such as “power point” or a built-in picture player that may be included with the display. Content delivered in this manner is stagnant and viewers do not stay engaged. Instead, content software allows you to take full advantage of the media player, while providing real time tools for announcements and other “ad-hoc” content applications.

The pros at Logic Integration can help navigate the myriad applications and display choices and determine what you need to effectively communicate your message to your clients and employees. Contact us today and let’s get started!