by | Oct 18, 2019 | News, Products

Mergers and acquisitions between manufacturers, distributors and integrators are nothing new. A merger may strategically enhance the buyer’s geographic footprint or add a new product to their lineup. The union of SnapAV and Control4 however, is different. Logic Integration’s Shawn Hansson exclaims, “Overall, I think the SnapAV and Control4 merg is great for our industry and ultimately for the end user.” And here’s why.

In their recent press release, Control4 cited their commitment to helping custom integrators grow and better serve their customers by combining the talents of Control4 and SnapAV, offering market-leading solutions, exceptional interoperability, global distribution, financial resources and more. SnapAV added, “Merging with Control4 and its outstanding team will help us execute on our third critical goal: delivering the industry’s leading automation platform that integrates with the numerous technologies and products required to create customized smart home experiences homeowners desire.  Control4 offers a leading automation platform, along with key smart home solutions in the audio, video, lighting, security and networking categories. We are especially excited by the fact that both of our companies have similarly strong “customer first” corporate cultures centered on quality, service and innovation, and we look forward to creating new and exciting opportunities for the teams at both Control4 and SnapAV. In sum, the two companies will be better together, with better service, better solutions and better opportunities for integrators and employees.”


We couldn’t have said it better. This merger is clearly a client win with SnapAV’s enduring customer-first culture. We’ve already seen some positive changes such as a new Help page on the C4 website that offers first-line troubleshooting and customer support of basic issues before contacting the dealer. But it doesn’t stop there. The reliable and easy-to-use Control 4 platform will now be fully integrated with OvrC (oversee), a cloud-based remote management platform that enables us to remotely manage, configure and troubleshoot devices on your network.  Not only will we be able to provide training to additional technicians but setting up and deploying a new system will now be even faster and with less complications. With SnapAV and C4 in partnership, OvrC will be fluid across the entire home automation eco system, which will benefit the homeowner by providing them the ability to control content (via network filtering for kids) and reboot products that occasionally lockup due to updates or power interptions. !


By simplifying our job, we can more efficiently and cost-effectively support our customers. We’ve got greater accessibility to training and can expand the role of various levels of technicians. As a service provider and Denver employer, that’s a win-win! The single platform means consolidated firmware updates and the customers’ ability to perform simple troubleshooting is a clear advantage. Whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, builder or architect, the advantages of a Control4 System, as part of the SnapAV family, are clear. Call us today and #C4Yourself!