by | Nov 19, 2018 | Commercial

The year is quickly drawing to a close and, chances are, so is the window to spend your budgeted technology funds. Imagine starting the new year with access to spaces that foster collaboration and faster decision making, lobbies that dazzle visitors with stunning imagery reflective of your brand and an infrastructure that will position your growth for years to come. Let’s put that allocation to work!

We can help you and your team strategize and align your technology systems with your goals and overall budget. You can purchase equipment in Q4 that will be implemented into your 2019 projects allowing you to take advantage of that additional funding. Here are some potential upgrades that could enhance productivity and elevate your brand:


Is your system compatible with today’s digital devices? Users have an expectation that meeting spaces be equipped with plug-and-play technologies. Transitioning from outdated analog to digital capabilities is paramount to ensure this functionality. For example, does your system have connectivity for HDMI, mini display port and wireless?


Conference rooms and huddle spaces that are more collaborative and easier to use get used more frequently. This increased adoption ultimately increases productivity. In the trending open-office environment, huddle rooms provide a focused, collaborative meeting space for ad hoc meetings and small group presentations. Interactive collaborative displays, robust cameras that are Skype or soft codec-enabled, and wireless presentation connectivity provide increased productivity and faster decision-making. Existing meeting spaces with traditional audio and video-conferencing capabilities would benefit from these enhancements as well as an automated control system. Lighting control and motorized window shades can also be integrated into the room’s control for an improved user experience as well as for enhanced energy efficiency. If your room features an older projection system, you could benefit from a laser projector for a more engaging presentation and a significantly lower total cost of ownership (TCO).


Create a wow moment. Picture a prospective client or rock-star employee entering your space and greeting them with a stunning wall of imagery. Your lobby is your first opportunity to engage visitors and introduce them to your brand. Dynamic digital signage can advertise your products and services, guide visitors through dynamic wayfinding, and inform dwellers of important information and activities. Innovative meeting spaces in these client areas make a lasting impression. Experience Centers engage clients with various interactive displays and immersive technologies. Architectural features in these environments are accentuated by stunning mosaic displays and exceptionally designed lighting for the ultimate customer experience.


Sound masking has been proven to increase worker productivity in open office environments by eliminating noise distractions. It also creates privacy of enclosed meeting and office spaces from common areas, rendering speech unintelligible. Acoustics are another solution for noise control providing barriers and sound absorption, lessening overall noise levels and reducing reverberation from hard surfaces. Properly designed acoustic treatments increase intelligibility in desired areas, providing a more comfortable working environment. There are a variety of ways to address acoustic control. We can provide consultation, design and installation of materials for your space. If you’ve done a fantastic job at controlling your budget throughout the year and find yourself with a surplus, consider an investment in technology that will help grow your business, increase efficiency and foster an innovative and collaborative environment for your employees. Give us a call to strategize on ways to put your remaining budget to work for your Colorado business in 2019 and for years to come.